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Slab on Grade

We specialize in slab on grade construction; be it structural slab on grade or post tensioned slabs. Accu-Crete has been the pioneer in bringing post tensioned slab on grade to the Metropolitan DC area as an alternative to conventional slabs in multifamily foundations. We provide re-design services in all regions of our work with our long time structural design partners. We bring experience of work in varied ground conditions to offer innovative and best solutions to your projects.

Concrete Frames

Heavy sub structure to light foundation podiums, Accu-Crete has worked on several complex projects over its lifetime in the concrete construction industry. We offer 3D & 4D constructablity review and resource loaded schedule services which help our clients foresee issues before they occur. WE help mitigate costly design changes through our preconstruction services and provide lift plans and site logistics coordination. Our team boasts of long time veterans in the industry who offer valuable insight into crane location planning for highly productive jobsite. We work with only the best in industry subcontractor whose safety and quality of work is never a substitute for fast schedules.